28/3/2020 – the TGS got an updated Exhaust

after changing the cabin from Euro 5 to Euro 6 the old Exhaust remained on the chassis. a colleague hinted about a more scale accessoire, which i ordered and installed immediately 😉

04/01/2020 – new content updates

Finally a new corporate logo was designed and will be slowly applied to all the models: new Logo

next: the website of my club got a content update (unfortunately the site is german only) : Modelltrucker @ Heizhaus Strasshof

some new pictures have been added to the sections

30/11/2018 – Wedico Low Loader #21 added to “4Sale”

2/11/2018 a new category „for sale“ was added

.. if interested contact me via email: info [at] domain …

1/11/2018 the DAF cabin got a new color

The fleet gets a corporate look and feel and paint. Therefore a Wedico DAF cabin and its acessoires was sent to COMVEC for a repaint. The result speaks for itself

10/2/2018 die spantenlose COMVEC Mulde wurde geliefert

Some months ago i order another accessoire from COMVEC, which arrived today. in the meantime COMVEC changed their coating, which is now similar to Scaleart normal paint. while all the other paint is glossy, this one isnt and a small difference in the looks can be spotted. however given the trucks destination the difference shouldnt be relevant.


Some small detail, i ordered with the optional 2 way rear cap. this can be opened for easy loading of small construction equipment:

a direct comparison of the ladders between Scaleart and COMVEC:

for me its clear, how leads here…

Looks, while tipping:

and finally two pictures with the truck:

PS: dont mind the picture inserts – the settings of the plugin got updated in the meantime to reflect the year 2018 😉

8/11/2017 added picture with the new Scaleart Halfpipe

a new accessory for the roll on/roll-off tipper arrived today from Scaleart

everything was well wrapped to survive the shipping:

easy to spot: the body comes in two colors:

and this is how it looks in combination with the TGS:

different perspective(s):

group picture with the COMVEC accessories:

15/9/2017 major site refresh